Pantry Labels, pack of 54 PVC adhesive labels



Create a stylish, organised pantry with our popular, updated jar labels. Pack of 51 names with a few blank ones too.

New design, straight edged, modern font, updated label names and now waterproof with a PVC finish!

Labels include:
00 flour, all bran, almonds, baking powder, baking soda, biscuits, breadcrumbs, brown sugar, brown rice, caster sugar, cereal, chia seeds, chickpeas, chocolate chips, cocoa, coconut, coconut sugar, coffee, coffee beans, cornflour, couscous, crackers, custard powder, dates,  dried beans, dried fruit, flour, gluten free flour, ground almonds, hot chocolate, icing sugar, mixed fruit, muesli, noodles, oats, panko crumbs, pasta, peanuts, quinoa, raisins, raw sugar, rice, salt, self raising flour, spaghetti, sugar, sultanas, tea, wheatgerm, wholemeal flour, yeast